March Writing Update

Welcome to my March writing update! I had a ton of projects going on this month (which I battled with tons of procrastination and anxiety). With April coming up I'm preparing for Camp NaNo, so be on the lookout for updates related to that eventually. This update in particular was special in that I wrote … Continue reading March Writing Update

Poem Accepted at Wingless Dreamer!

Hello everyone! Instead of a reblog today I have an announcement. One of my poems was accepted for Wingless Dreamer's upcoming anthology Rhapsodies of Rhyme. Wingless Dreamer is run by Ruchi Acharya and has a bunch of writing contests throughout the year. You can find their website and their upcoming contests here. The deadline for … Continue reading Poem Accepted at Wingless Dreamer!

Interview with Levi Lewicki

Hello everyone! The first interview for the Foster Your Writing blog is here! From The World's Worst Writer blog, here is Levi Lewicki. Photo by Pixabay on 1) What does writing mean to you? What do you think the purpose of writing is? For me personally, writing is a way to turn the stories, ideas, … Continue reading Interview with Levi Lewicki

Some Awesome New Years Updates!

Hello everyone! A short post for this week to kick off the New Year coming up. As we head into 2023, I'd like to detail some amazing news and some goals I'd like to accomplish. You may not know this, but this is now year TWO of this blog! Check out below for all the … Continue reading Some Awesome New Years Updates!

The Secret Sauce to Being a Good Writer – Michael Mohr

Hello everyone! I'm back from Cambridge, so be on the lookout for more information and fun stuff based on fiction, worldbuilding, and more, including guest lecturers and authors! In the meantime, jetlag and decorating for Christmas have hijacking my schedule, so I thought I would share another awesome article from the Jane Friedman blog I … Continue reading The Secret Sauce to Being a Good Writer – Michael Mohr

My 20th Literary Journal Publication!

I'm excited to announce that I have now been accepted into TWENTY literary journals! My latest piece was a poetry piece published by Five Fleas Poetry earlier this month. You can find my poem on this page! I'm so grateful to all of these journals, as well as the people I've learned about publishing from … Continue reading My 20th Literary Journal Publication!

Post Up at Owlcation!

I recently reposted one of my earlier posts from this blog "Here's Why Writers Shouldn't Aim for Hundreds of Rejections" on both Hubpages and Medium, and the post has since been moved to the Hubpages networking site Owlcation! You can find the original post here, and the new post on Owlcation here. Thanks to Pooja … Continue reading Post Up at Owlcation!

I Published a Chapbook!!!

I am super excited and pleased to announce that my chapbook Plato Is Better at Metaphor than I Am was published by Yavanika Press this past weekend! The work is a prose poetry chapbook of twenty poems. Here is a link to the download for the work. Enjoy! This work is also offered on my … Continue reading I Published a Chapbook!!!

Guest Post with Orange Blossom Publishing Coming Up!

I'm excited to announce that my guest post "Pros and Cons of Using Fiction Writing Platforms" will be published on the Orange Blossom Publishing blog soon! When it's put up, I'll be sure to include the link in my next post coming up this weekend. In the meantime, here is the website and the blog … Continue reading Guest Post with Orange Blossom Publishing Coming Up!

Bookmarked Adventures: Free SF/F Writing Con! – BookmarkedOne

I recently read this post about the LTUE sci-fi/fantasy writing contest coming up THIS Saturday. It is completely FREE to register on their Discord server, and the registration information is available in the post below. Enjoy reading! Bookmarked Adventures: Free SF/F Writing Con! Credit: BookmarkedOne. Find out more here.