You Should Know About This: Writing Blogs (Part 1)

As part of the new series I talked about a few weeks ago, I thought I would introduce some major writing blogs writers should know about. Some may be for finding resources, others are by a single author who give lots of great advice. Obviously, these are just a few major blogs you might see.Continue reading “You Should Know About This: Writing Blogs (Part 1)”

Some Upcoming News

Change is Coming!!! So I didn’t post anything last week as I usually do, and the main reason is because I realized something. I realized that I had started this blog with an idea in mind, and I don’t think I’ve been living up to it as much as I should. This blog has hadContinue reading “Some Upcoming News”

Coming Soon (and Already Here)

Lit Journals, Upcoming Guest Post, and More Hello! I have some great news that I had to share with you. Lots of great news, actually. First off, if you follow any blogs on WordPress, you might have seen the flash fiction and poetry pieces posted with The Drabble every day. And I recently wrote aContinue reading “Coming Soon (and Already Here)”

Reputation Builders for Writers

I think that there’s something we can all agree on: building a writing reputation is tough. In the Literary World, there’s all sorts of obstacles you have to jump through as you barrel your way up through the hierarchy. Even the way you have to write your bio nowadays sounds as if you’re participating inContinue reading “Reputation Builders for Writers”