Hello from Chicago!

Hello everyone! This is a special post for this week (as you can see I didn’t post on Saturday like usual). I ended up in Chicago for a week, so I have tons more pictures to share with you all!

Not only that, but more new types of posts are coming soon, which I’ve detailed below. In the meantime, check out my pictures from Chicago below.

My dad and I spent some time walking through the city before I made my way to the Art Institute of Chicago (of course). Below are some of the amazing paintings I saw including Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte, American Gothic by Grant Wood, and Vincent van Gogh’s Self-Portrait!

Also, I got to witness an exhibition by the Spanish artist Remedios Varo! Her work is absolutely astounding, and I can’t wait to include more of her pictures in later posts!

One of the paintings from Remedios Varo’s Science Fictions. You can find out more here.

I’m currently working on a few different resource guides for writers that would be shared on the menu page. Here are some of my ideas below!

Definitely more to come! These are just the first few ideas that I have, but it’s likely that more will be added in the coming months. I haven’t done many writing updates lately, and for good reason. I’m currently in the end stages of submitting my doctorate applications, and that, along with my graduate dissertation, has taken up most of my writing time.

I’ve been able to create regular guest posts monthly for A Writer’s Path, however! Check out my latest guest post from A Writer’s Path: The Three Tiers of Mindful Worldbuilding!

Stick around for regular posts starting back up again! Happy writing!

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