March Writing Update

Welcome to my March writing update! I had a ton of projects going on this month (which I battled with tons of procrastination and anxiety). With April coming up I’m preparing for Camp NaNo, so be on the lookout for updates related to that eventually.

This update in particular was special in that I wrote several pieces for different literary journals, and I received several rejections to go along with them. I’ve been kind of bummed, but who knows? I might write an article about it later. In the meantime, check out this post about another upcoming publication before checking out the updates below!

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I still have a few ongoing projects in the works, including the Writers of the Future story I started and another fantasy idea. I’ll admit I haven’t made much progress on the WOTF story (as per usual), but I’ve kept up my word count goal for this other story for the most part! I now have about seven pages/3100 words of outlining and writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more about that soon!

Even with the threat of my grad school dissertation coming up, I started working on another novel (do I have a problem? pfft no.), and I’ve so far averaged out about a page day, totaling about five pages so far. I hope to use this for another Fulbright application as part of my grad school journey though!

Camp NaNoWriMo is also coming up (today!). In case you’re not familiar, Camp NaNoWriMo is held every April and July, and you can set your own writing word count just like you would in November when you participate in National Novel Writing Month. However, I thought I would switch things up and not set a word count goal. Instead, I plan on working on several worldbuilding projects that I’ve been meaning to finish up, including constructing some fantasy languages. (Speaking of which, I wrote an article about that too, and I plan on adding to it later!).

Like I was saying earlier, I got ahead of the game a bit and submitted to a bunch of literary journals in the past month, but while I had some success, I ended up receiving about four rejections within the span of a week. I’m trying not to be bummed by it, however. If anything, it taught me a lot as I continue with my writing journey, and I plan on writing more about it in the future.

Keep an eye out for that post later on!

The North Wind part 10 is about to be published at Coffee House Writers too! You can find Part 1 below!

That’s about it! Keep writing and keep reading everyone!

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