Poem Accepted at Wingless Dreamer!

Hello everyone! Instead of a reblog today I have an announcement. One of my poems was accepted for Wingless Dreamer's upcoming anthology Rhapsodies of Rhyme. Wingless Dreamer is run by Ruchi Acharya and has a bunch of writing contests throughout the year. You can find their website and their upcoming contests here. The deadline for … Continue reading Poem Accepted at Wingless Dreamer!

(Belated) February Writing Update

With all the craziness of this short month, I realized while trying to fall asleep the other day that oh wait! I forgot to post a monthly writing update for February. So even though it's the beginning of March, here's what writing I've been up to! Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on Pexels.com To start off, … Continue reading (Belated) February Writing Update

My 20th Literary Journal Publication!

I'm excited to announce that I have now been accepted into TWENTY literary journals! My latest piece was a poetry piece published by Five Fleas Poetry earlier this month. You can find my poem on this page! I'm so grateful to all of these journals, as well as the people I've learned about publishing from … Continue reading My 20th Literary Journal Publication!

I Published a Chapbook!!!

I am super excited and pleased to announce that my chapbook Plato Is Better at Metaphor than I Am was published by Yavanika Press this past weekend! The work is a prose poetry chapbook of twenty poems. Here is a link to the download for the work. Enjoy! This work is also offered on my … Continue reading I Published a Chapbook!!!

Oulipo: A New Kind of Poetry

After getting back from a grad school session, I wanted to share a new type of poetry I just learned about with you. It's called Oulipo poetry, sometimes styled as OuLiPo because it stands for Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle (Workshop for Potential Literature), according to The Poetry Foundation. During my session, I had the chance … Continue reading Oulipo: A New Kind of Poetry

Join Me for a Poetry Workshop with The Aurora Journal!

I'm pleased to announce that on July 23rd, I will be hosting a poetry workshop LIVE on Zoom for anyone who is interested in joining! The topic of the workshop is PROSE POEMS, so for anyone who might be wondering what exactly a prose poem is, or you're interested in writing your own, check it … Continue reading Join Me for a Poetry Workshop with The Aurora Journal!

Poem Up at Sanctuary Magazine

This past weekend, my FIRST solicited poem was published in Sanctuary Magazine's poetry corner. The poem, "After My Diagnosis: The Journey," was first published with Art of Autism before being republished at Sanctuary. This poem is part of their special issue titled Celebrating Autism Awareness and Acceptance. To find out more, click here. Sanctuary Magazine … Continue reading Poem Up at Sanctuary Magazine

Two Poems Up at Fevers of the Mind!

Two poems I've written under the name E. M. Foster are up at Fevers of the Mind blog! You can find the link for them here. Thanks again to David O'Nan of Fevers of the Mind for posting these today. Fevers of the Mind publishes a variety of poetry and art, and they also have … Continue reading Two Poems Up at Fevers of the Mind!

You Should Know about This: Micro Presses (Part 1)

Like small presses, micropresses have a special place in the literary world. Micropresses might be operating on a smaller scale (usually with one or two writers), but that doesn't mean they don't hold value. They actually have roots in the small press, but the medium allows for new and experimental directions that publishers can take … Continue reading You Should Know about This: Micro Presses (Part 1)