Worldbuilding A Fictional Culture

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Worldbuilding isn't just about building a physical world that your characters live in. A fantasy world, for example, might have its own physics, so things like gravity or motion work differently from ours. But that's not the only reason a world exists when you create it. A working world also needs a working culture or … Continue reading Worldbuilding A Fictional Culture

Reblog: 15 Worldbuilding Tips for Writers – Dave Chesson

Looking for more resources for worldbuilding? I always am! This source starts off with a great explanation of what worldbuilding is, then goes through the facets of culture for creating a world of your own. This article offers both examples and templates to help get you started as well, so you can learn from past … Continue reading Reblog: 15 Worldbuilding Tips for Writers – Dave Chesson

The 100th Post of Foster Your Writing!

This is a HUGE deal! I was recently preparing for another post when I realized that this would be the ONE HUNDREDTH post for this blog. It'll be two years this August since I started writing on here, and since then it's grown quite a bit. To celebrate, here are a bunch of past posts … Continue reading The 100th Post of Foster Your Writing!

Basics of Worldbuilding (ft. Natasha Pulley)

I probably should have posted this last week but anyway. While I was back at Cambridge, one of the lectures I attended was focused on worldbuilding and how to build fictional worlds in any genre. The guest lecturer, Natasha Pulley, introduced a ton of great concepts that I want to share with you now that … Continue reading Basics of Worldbuilding (ft. Natasha Pulley)

Basics of Worldbuilding (Part 1)

No matter what type of world you're creating for a story in mind, whether it be an alternate history or an epic high fantasy or the Next Great American Novel, you have to incorporate at least some aspects of worldbuilding. Even genres such as literary fiction require a distinct setting and characteristics, and careful outlining … Continue reading Basics of Worldbuilding (Part 1)

Fantasy and Science Fiction As Invented History – Philip Athens

For those interesting in worldbuilding, especially fantasy and science fiction, check out this post I recently read by Philip Athens for the Fantasy Author's Handbook here. Enjoy! Credit: Philip Athens. Find out more here.