Reblog and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hello everyone! I want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving this week. Also, check out an awesome reblog from the A Writer's Path blog below! This article was written by Daniella Levy. Here, she describes five major steps you can take when you receive criticism. First, writers (and readers!) need to understand what … Continue reading Reblog and Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Write Speculative Poetry

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I haven't talked much about writing poetry on this blog. I have, however, talked quite a bit about speculative genres, mainly science fiction and fantasy. When you think about these genres, you might think of fiction, including novels and short stories. But speculative poetry also exists, and it acts as a great way to take … Continue reading How to Write Speculative Poetry

How to Use Imagery

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You might have heard that imagery is pivotal to writing a story. It truly makes a scene come alive, but many sources I've seen that talked about imagery have just said "Use the five senses!" and then moved on. The five senses are touch, tasting, smell, seeing, and hearing, but writing imagery isn't just using … Continue reading How to Use Imagery

Fantasy Writing Tropes to Subvert

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I recently wrote about science fiction tropes and how to include them in your writing. I thought today I would do the same for fantasy. When you think of fantasy, you probably picture certain characteristics that are typical for the genre. Dragons and medieval settings and magic are incredibly commonplace in fantasy, to name some … Continue reading Fantasy Writing Tropes to Subvert

Post Summary and Writing Update!

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The end of September has arrived! Unlike previous months, I ended up taking a break between posts and all of my writing projects in general, spending some time with my dad at different national parks for a week. It's always nice to take a break from writing when you really need it, especially when your … Continue reading Post Summary and Writing Update!

Literary Journals: Should You Try New Things?

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OK, let's try this again. I accidentally posted this instead of the OTHER post from this week, but now you get the completed version. Publishing in literary journals comes with a lot of benefits. For one, you get published, and you get to see your work out there for the world to see, which is … Continue reading Literary Journals: Should You Try New Things?

Reblog: The Bryn Donovan Collection

Today is the last Saturday before heading out West, so my thought was to do something a little different with a reblog post. I recently discovered author Bryn Donovan, who has written several books for helping writers. I've been reading Bryn Donovan's website for some time now because of her awesome articles on writing well. … Continue reading Reblog: The Bryn Donovan Collection

Speculative Fiction Small Presses

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Thinking about publishing your speculative fiction novel but don't know where to start? It's true there are plenty of publishers out there, but narrowing the best science fiction and fantasy publishers down isn't too difficult. Some of these speculative fiction small presses also accept speculative genres such as horror, gothic, and all kinds of subgenres. … Continue reading Speculative Fiction Small Presses

August Update!

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Hello everyone! I have some awesome announcements for this August update. This will be a quick post, but for starters, there will be a couple of weeks where I'll be unable to post at all. I WILL, however, come back with tons of pictures from a trip I'm taking to Yellowstone and the surrounding parks … Continue reading August Update!

Hating Your Work After Publishing It

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Let's be honest, hating your work takes a toll. So you spent days, weeks, even months or years, on a piece of writing. You edited and rewrote. You spent hours trying to get everything just right, and finally, you feel comfortable with it, enough to send it out to that literary journal or press for … Continue reading Hating Your Work After Publishing It