New Micro-Chapbook OUT NOW!

I’m excited to announce that my latest micro-chapbook Knight/Sky was recently published by Ghost City Press on Thursday! This piece was published as part of their 2023 Summer Series.

Check out the link below to download the micro-chap from Ghost City Press’s website. It’s available for FREE!


This micro-chap consists of about ten pages, with each miniature story named after various Finnish deities. Each story also focuses on a character called the Girl Knight, including her mental journey through stages of grief as she encounters the different deities.

Here’s also a picture of the front cover! A while back I found a selection of drawing by Kay Nielsen during World War 1. This is a drawing from the Norweigan fairy tale “East of the Sun, West of the Moon.”

Source: Public Domain (Public Domain Review)

You can also find this posted on my new Instagram page! Both Ghost City Press and I announced this new micro-chapbook on there. I hope to include Insta as another outlet for the blog, plus tons of extra writing and genre posts later on.

You can find my profile here. It’s definitely a little sparse at the moment, but more to come!

Want to learn more about Ghost City Press, including their summer series and literary journal? Find out more here.

Until next week with another full post!

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