June Writing Update!

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The end of the month has rolled around! What a wild month it’s been. For this June writing update, it seemed like I barely got anything done for the month. Ideas for posts appeared out of nowhere, saving me from getting into a slump. I met some writing goals. But I didn’t feel as productive. Thankfully, something happened, and I’m excited to announce the news!

I wrote a little while back about losing confidence with writing, and it’s true. I took a break for a little while because of how overwhelming writing seemed to get recently. But with today being a new month, it’s time to get back into the swing of writing. Luckily, for this update, I did get some writing done, and I have some awesome news to share!

A Special Announcement (Part 1)

I just got this email yesterday, but I couldn’t wait to share. I wrote a short story for the literary journal Waywords, part of The Writer’s Workout website. Early yesterday, I got an email saying they wanted my story for their next issue! Not sure when the issue’s coming out yet, but time to start the edits!

You can find out more about their journals, as well as their internships and other special events here.

A Special Announcement (Part 2)

I also have some BIG news coming up next week! A second, more formal announcement will arrive next week about a big project I just finished, including links to the project. But I might as well tell you now.

I am publishing another micro-chapbook with GHOST CITY PRESS!

This will be my third chapbook/micro published, and I’m incredibly excited. They plan on releasing it for the 2023 Summer Series this coming week. I plan on posting an announcement as well as links to the work. The work is also free on their website! You all should be able to find it on the homepage of this blog later on as well.

Further Updates

I still have a bunch of short stories going on! (Just haven’t had time to write as much). I created a few new writing goals in these past couple of weeks, which I hope to stick by in the coming months. You might see some updates about more short stories in the future.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the special announcement regarding my chapbook, as well as links to it, sometime next week!

Happy writing!

I’ve updated my writing profile! You can find-

My website here: emsherwoodfoster.com



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