Guest Post Coming Up This Week!

This week is going to be a little different. Instead of a regular post, my latest post will be found on Ryan Lanz’s A Writer’s Path website! The post, which will be titled 3 Tips for Writing When Overcome by Writer’s Block, is set to be published this Saturday (the 14th). This post was originallyContinue reading “Guest Post Coming Up This Week!”

Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 8)

A Look Back at History In the spirit of last week’s post, I thought I would add to this series by looking at journals and magazines that look for historical fiction. At first glance, it might not seem like a lot, but many journals that look for genre fiction also include historical fiction on theirContinue reading “Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 8)”

New Announcement!

This week, Globe Soup announced the winners and finalists of their 7 Day Story Writing Challenge #5. And I was one of the finalists for the Historical Fiction category! You can find the finalist page here and E. M. Foster under the Historical Fiction Finalist section (there’s no link for the finalists’ stories, but IContinue reading “New Announcement!”

You Should Know About This: Small Presses (Sci-fi/Fantasy Edition)

You can’t talk about small presses without bringing the genre portion into the conversation, particularly science fiction and fantasy. These two genres come with mountains of opportunities in the publishing world because it’s not just the “small presses” that you’ll come across. There are many large and reputable sci-fi and fantasy publishers out there, includingContinue reading “You Should Know About This: Small Presses (Sci-fi/Fantasy Edition)”

Tips for Submitting to Literary Journals

I’ve talked about how important it is to submit to literary journals, but how does one submit to literary journals successfully? Because there’s plenty of options out there, they all have their own guidelines, and many will say no. It can be a difficult and frustrating process (especially with rejections), but you are a writer.Continue reading “Tips for Submitting to Literary Journals”

You Should Know About This: Small Presses (Part 2)

I first touched on a few well known small presses to let everyone get a feel for what small presses look like and what to expect when researching them. I’d like to continue this series on small presses with another series of presses you can submit to. Here are a few more small presses toContinue reading “You Should Know About This: Small Presses (Part 2)”

Poem Up at Sanctuary Magazine

This past weekend, my FIRST solicited poem was published in Sanctuary Magazine’s poetry corner. The poem, “After My Diagnosis: The Journey,” was first published with Art of Autism before being republished at Sanctuary. This poem is part of their special issue titled Celebrating Autism Awareness and Acceptance. To find out more, click here. Sanctuary MagazineContinue reading “Poem Up at Sanctuary Magazine”

Two Poems Up at Fevers of the Mind!

Two poems I’ve written under the name E. M. Foster are up at Fevers of the Mind blog! You can find the link for them here. Thanks again to David O’Nan of Fevers of the Mind for posting these today. Fevers of the Mind publishes a variety of poetry and art, and they also haveContinue reading “Two Poems Up at Fevers of the Mind!”

How Writers Can Find Their Voice

Writing Speaks Louder than Words What does it mean when writers find their voice, and how exactly do they go about that? This question was at the forefront of my mind all while I was applying to graduate creative writing programs, especially when writing personal statements. Grad schools want to know about your writing experienceContinue reading “How Writers Can Find Their Voice”

Notable Mathematical Fiction Books (and Other Recommendations)

Like I was saying a couple weeks ago, mathematical fiction is both weird and, in some cases, unexplored. But that doesn’t mean that the genre hasn’t been tapped into. Some books may have mathematical influences that aren’t at the forefront, but they could still be called mathematical fiction. Others on this list are mathematical booksContinue reading “Notable Mathematical Fiction Books (and Other Recommendations)”