The 100th Post of Foster Your Writing!

This is a HUGE deal! I was recently preparing for another post when I realized that this would be the ONE HUNDREDTH post for this blog. It’ll be two years this August since I started writing on here, and since then it’s grown quite a bit.

To celebrate, here are a bunch of past posts from the blog that I’ve been extremely excited to write (in case you missed them):

I’m super excited to write more of these as the blog heads in new directions and continues growing! Thanks everyone for following me on my journey! I’m just getting started, even with the craziness now going on with grad school. I’ve learned so much when it comes to writing for a blog and marketing myself as a writer, and I hope to keep doing that while working on my dissertation.

I’ll also be working on updating my author website (for multiple reasons), hoping to merge here with this blog! In the meantime, you can find

My website here:

The Facebook Page

My chapbook

My serial publication The North Wind at Coffee House Writers! Part 1 is here.

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