(Belated) February Writing Update

With all the craziness of this short month, I realized while trying to fall asleep the other day that oh wait! I forgot to post a monthly writing update for February. So even though it’s the beginning of March, here’s what writing I’ve been up to!

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To start off, this month has been dedicated to my latest graduate school assignment, which made up about 7,000 words. So while I may not have written as much as in January, I sure was writing.

I’ve been working on another chapbook, so that ended up taking most of my time this month. I submitted it this past week, and now it’s the classic waiting game. I created about ten pages, a small microchap similar to the one I’ve been offering for free here on my blog. We’ll see what happens! More details to come if all goes well.

I’m also still working on that short story for Writers of the Future. I still have the goal of finishing it this year, but it may be a while with all the other projects and tasks I got going on. Miss the article on causal loops? I’m including one of those in my story and while I’m still researching it, the article I wrote has helped with my outline and I feel more confident going back into it!

In the last writing update I posted I mentioned that I wanted to start editing and/or rewriting a minimum of 1,000 words a day for a major writing project I had. Looking back through the word count, I can safely say that I’ve managed to edit/rewrite around 7000 words, and while that’s far from the 1000 words a day, at least it’s something. I lot of it had been more worldbuilding and outlining new ideas as well.

Now for the best part…

My second year at graduate school is already(!) coming up, and that means I need to start working on my dissertation. I have a novel idea in mind that I need to further outline, but at some point in the future I’ll probably post some information about it (or at least the word count update). I’ve spent a bit of February working on that outline, and I hope to start writing later on in March.

So that’s it for the month of February! I can’t wait to see what March is going to bring. Keep a look out for more reblogs and updates!

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