I Published a Chapbook!!!

I am super excited and pleased to announce that my chapbook Plato Is Better at Metaphor than I Am was published by Yavanika Press this past weekend! The work is a prose poetry chapbook of twenty poems.

Here is a link to the download for the work. Enjoy!

This work is also offered on my brand new AUTHOR WEBSITE, which I also just published. The name of it is emsherwoodfoster.com, which you can find here. You will be able to find the rest of my publications and projects there as well, so I’ll be taking down my portfolio page and replacing it with my website, along with extra information about my other writing projects.


Yavanika Press publishes chapbooks and mini chapbooks of prose, poetry, hybrids, and Japanese short forms. Their submissions window is closed for right now (they accept submissions between May 1st and June 30th), but you can find their guidelines if you would like to submit your work here.

I hope you enjoy reading my work!

Want to know more? My portfolio is now COMPLETE, and you can find it here! You can find me in Ariel Chart, The Cedarville Review, Nailpolish Stories, Bluepepper, 50 Word Stories, The Aurora Journal, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, The Drabble, Anti-heroin Chic, Art of Autism, Your Daily Poem, Sanctuary Magazine, Six Sentences, Paragraph Planet, A Story in 100 Words, and Sledgehammer Lit. You can now also find my FREE microchap at Origami Poems Project, which I am also offering here.

And here’s Foster Your Writing official page on Facebook!

I am also a writer for Coffee House Writers! You can find my work under “Emma Foster” on their website.

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