What Is Science Fantasy?

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Everyone knows about science fiction and fantasy, but what about science fantasy? This is another one of those hybrid genres within speculative fiction that don't strictly follow science fiction or fantasy rules. However, this hybrid speculative genre utilizes various tropes and ideas that both science fiction and fantasy often use, meaning it's super easy to … Continue reading What Is Science Fantasy?

The Different Types of Fantasy

Want to read more fantasy or start writing fantasy, but you're not sure which direction to go? Because there's more than one type of fantasy! Fantasy encompasses a lot storytelling today, and after looking through all the different types, I realized just how much fantasy can branch into other genres and just how many different … Continue reading The Different Types of Fantasy

Best Sci-fi and Fantasy Websites to Check Out

If you're new to sci-fi or fantasy (or even new to this blog!), there are plenty of outlets to get to know the genres a bit better. If you want to write in these genres, some of these offer great info about what it means to be a science fiction or fantasy writer as well. … Continue reading Best Sci-fi and Fantasy Websites to Check Out