Worldbuilding A Fictional Culture

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Worldbuilding isn't just about building a physical world that your characters live in. A fantasy world, for example, might have its own physics, so things like gravity or motion work differently from ours. But that's not the only reason a world exists when you create it. A working world also needs a working culture or … Continue reading Worldbuilding A Fictional Culture

New Micro-Chapbook OUT NOW!

I'm excited to announce that my latest micro-chapbook Knight/Sky was recently published by Ghost City Press on Thursday! This piece was published as part of their 2023 Summer Series. Check out the link below to download the micro-chap from Ghost City Press's website. It's available for FREE! KNIGHT/SKY This micro-chap consists of about ten pages, … Continue reading New Micro-Chapbook OUT NOW!

Reblog: 5 Tips for Better Worldbuilding

Having trouble with worldbuilding? Kathryn at The Writer's Path discusses how to narrow down your worldbuilding by getting into the specifics. This includes not only the where with the geography you establish, but also the timing of the world around your characters. This attention to detail means a lot in the long run because it … Continue reading Reblog: 5 Tips for Better Worldbuilding

Losing Confidence in Your Writing

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We all lose confidence in our writing as we work. It comes in every stage of the writing process, whether you just came up with an idea, you're halfway through your novel, or you're revising (where I'm at right now). But losing confidence in your writing isn't an excuse to give up, or a sign … Continue reading Losing Confidence in Your Writing

Science Fiction Tropes to Subvert


We all know about tropes. They pop up in any form of writing, and often a hallmark of good writing is a writer's ability to tackle tropes, whether by exceeding the reader's expectations with them or subverting them altogether. Obviously, no genre is immune to any of these, but different tropes appear depending on what … Continue reading Science Fiction Tropes to Subvert

Upcoming Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Contests

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With all the craziness going on this week (and an awesome interview with E. J. Robison) here's a shorter post dedicated to a bunch of writing contests coming up. Writing contests offer writers the opportunity to advance their careers through the promotion of their work if they place. They also receive a lot of benefits … Continue reading Upcoming Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Contests

Interview with E. J. Robison

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Hello everyone! Here's another interview for the Foster Your Writing blog. This week's interview is with E. J. Robison, a freelancer, blog writer, and science fiction/fantasy author. Read more below! 1) What does writing mean to you? What do you think the purpose of writing is? Ah, starting off with the most difficult questions, I … Continue reading Interview with E. J. Robison

Reblog and Writing Update!

Hello everyone! As this Wednesday happens to fall on the last day of the month, here's the latest writing update I have on the growing list of projects! Also, here's another reblog by K. M. Allan. Writing Update: I've had a ton of writing projects going on (see my latest post about mental health), and … Continue reading Reblog and Writing Update!

Creative Nonfiction Types and Writing Tips

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A few weeks I returned from school, having just learned more about creative nonfiction. At first, creative nonfiction seemed boring. I wanted to be creative! Additionally, what makes talking about my life or someone else's something creative? And what does creative nonfiction even mean? Creative nonfiction, in itself, makes up a lot of types of … Continue reading Creative Nonfiction Types and Writing Tips