Here’s What Happens when You Overcomplicate Sci-fi and Fantasy

Writing Complex Stories vs. Confusing Stories Fantasy and science fiction as writing genres hold so many possibilities when it comes to creating a vibrant story (not that other genres don't). I'm just saying that because both genres produce works that focus on worldbuilding and rich descriptions, writers' minds go crazy with creating their own universes. … Continue reading Here’s What Happens when You Overcomplicate Sci-fi and Fantasy

Basics of Worldbuilding (Part 1)

No matter what type of world you're creating for a story in mind, whether it be an alternate history or an epic high fantasy or the Next Great American Novel, you have to incorporate at least some aspects of worldbuilding. Even genres such as literary fiction require a distinct setting and characteristics, and careful outlining … Continue reading Basics of Worldbuilding (Part 1)

Bookmarked Adventures: Free SF/F Writing Con! – BookmarkedOne

I recently read this post about the LTUE sci-fi/fantasy writing contest coming up THIS Saturday. It is completely FREE to register on their Discord server, and the registration information is available in the post below. Enjoy reading! Bookmarked Adventures: Free SF/F Writing Con! Credit: BookmarkedOne. Find out more here.

Fantasy and Science Fiction As Invented History – Philip Athens

For those interesting in worldbuilding, especially fantasy and science fiction, check out this post I recently read by Philip Athens for the Fantasy Author's Handbook here. Enjoy! Credit: Philip Athens. Find out more here.

The Moon That Remembered — Boundless Tales

Special thanks to Marcus Hernandez from the Boundless Tales blog for creating this awesome story based on my prompt! You can also check out his announcement here that offers for you to send in your own prompts for him to write. Special thanks to Emma Foster for submitting the prompt that inspired today’s piece.The Moon That … Continue reading The Moon That Remembered — Boundless Tales

You Should Know About This: Small Presses (Sci-fi/Fantasy Edition)

Photo by Guillaume Meurice on You can't talk about small presses without bringing the genre portion into the conversation, particularly science fiction and fantasy. These two genres come with mountains of opportunities in the publishing world because it's not just the "small presses" that you'll come across. There are many large and reputable sci-fi … Continue reading You Should Know About This: Small Presses (Sci-fi/Fantasy Edition)

“The Drow Among the Fey” by Marcus Hernandez

Hello everyone! Welcome this guest post by Marcus Hernandez. You can find his bio and blog information at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! Photo by Pixabay on In Edaria, few believe the Feywild truly exists. Even among the scholarly mages of Swindon, only a handful have ever crossed into that whimsical, dangerous realm, … Continue reading “The Drow Among the Fey” by Marcus Hernandez