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Sunday December 12, 2021

This week, I’m going to take some of the resources listed on here to create a NEW series, so keep an eye out for that!

Sunday December 5, 2021

I thought today I would put up a few resources/databases for academic paper journal and conference submissions

The CFP List database – this site offers lists of calls, the dates the abstracts are due, where the conferences are located, and more

ARMACAD – this site includes a list of conferences for certain subjects based on topic such as Asian studies, sociology, and others

Universities – be sure to check out calls from specific universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and others

Sunday November 28, 2021

Here are some resources for finding writing prompts, writing internships and jobs, lit journals and presses, and more

Reedsy Prompts – this site offers prompts, contests, and a blog for more information on publishers, writing and more. (Note: some of these require a subscription, but the main point here is that they offer these resources)

Bookjobs – this site catalogues publishers offering positions and internship programs. Each section details the publisher or program like a personal profile, including location and the qualifications needs for the job

Newpages – this site lists opportunities with literary journals, graduate programs, contests, and more. You can use their filter to find what you’re interested in as well

Poets & Writers – this site offers resources for promotion and workshops, though they also list magazines and press similar to the way Newpages does

NY Book Editors – this site is focused on finding the right editor for your manuscript as well as providing info on promotion and literary agents

Authors Publish – this site offers resources for finding the right literary journal (like what I’ve been doing!), and if you sign up you get FREE lectures and workshops with ACTUAL literary agents

Sunday November 21, 2021

Journals looking for positions – here are a few journals that offer reader or editor position applications (some of them are always looking for people, though some of this list may have filled their positions, but will be interested in further examining your application later on)

The Farside Review – they publish nonfiction, poetry, and fiction. If you look on their website, they say they are closed for applications for now, but you can sign up to receive updates on when they’ll be hiring again. (Also look for me in the Masthead!)

Lumiere Review – they have positions for editors, graphic designers, social media, and more (some are closed, but others are not). You can find the info here

Ploughshares – this revered journal from Emerson College is always looking for readers. On their info page, you’ll find directions on how to apply

Flash Fiction Magazine – this magazine hires for readers as well as what they call “community outreach” on a regular basis. You can find their info here

EX/POST – they are open for readers, writers, graphic designers, social media, and other positions. You can find their steps to apply here

Sunday November 14, 2021

Lit journals and magazines on WordPress – if you have a blog on WordPress and want to submit to journals, why not look at ones you can follow right here?

Third Wednesday Magazine – send them fiction, poetry, or visual art. They usually respond within a month

Causeway Lit – you can submit nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and other genres through Submittable. You can find their guidelines here

Arrow Rock Literary Journal – this journal operates out of Lindenwood University and they accept both prose and poetry. Their submissions page says they close on April 11

Hawaii Pacific Review – this journal operates out of Hawaii Pacific University. They ask for fiction, poetry, and essays. Their reading period runs from August to April

Academy of the Heart and Mind – they ask for poetry, fiction, art, and nonfiction

The Birdseed – I’ve mentioned this journal before, but I’m putting it in here again. They accept fiction and book reviews of 150 words or less. Their issues are usually published about once a month as well

This definitely isn’t all of them, but there’s plenty more journals and presses that you can find and follow!

Sunday November 7, 2021

SMALL PRESS SUNDAY – a look at both well-known and just starting out small presses for different genres

Bellevue Press – they look for nonfiction from September 15 to December 15. For their guidelines, they ask you send a pitch, a cover letter, and proposal

Black Lawrence Press – they have certain dates for contests, prizes, and open reading periods as well. They look for both poetry and prose collections

Luminous Press – they accept micro-chapbooks and chapbooks of poetry and vignettes (they also like hybrids)

Rinky Dink Press – they publish poetry micro-chapbooks of 40 words of less (when you look on their guidelines, they let you know there may be a long wait time, so if you’re cool with that, go for it!)

Yavanika Press – they are currently closed for submissions, but they read for chapbooks May to June, and micro-chapbooks the month of July

Pork Belly Press – this place has been around for a while, so they have a ton of opportunities through the year, including anthologies

Sunday October 31 2021

Happy Halloween! I’m still working on updating these pages, but feel free to check out my posts!

Sunday October 24, 2021

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – I’ve been working on some new pages and ideas that will hopefully come to fruition in the next couple of weeks. Look out for a post about that soon!

Sunday October 17, 2021

SPECULATIVE LIT JOURNALS – (Here are some journals and magazines for fantasy and science fiction and a couple other opportunities)

Analog – they focus on science fiction and pay a certain amount depending on the type of work you send in. You can find their guidelines here

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – they focus more on fantasy (but, as they describe, a “literary adventure fantasy”). They also pay about the same rate as Analog

Sunspot Lit – they publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and they have different submissions for novelettes and novellas (with word count differentiating the groups). They also have contests you can check out!

Asimov’s Science Fiction – this is pretty much the grandfather of science fiction mags. On their guidelines, they ask for “character oriented stories.” They also pay.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – this magazine has been around since 1949. You can find their guidelines here

Utopia Science Fiction – they look for science fiction fiction and poetry, while also publishing nonfiction. They pay. BONUS: they are also currently looking for volunteers! You can find more info here)

Bonus: Writers of the Future Contest – this contest runs in four different quarters, with the next quarter coming up in January. The first prize is $1000.

Hexagon Magazine – they are currently closed for submissions, but I think I would still include this here. They publish science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other genres

Sunday October 10, 2021

Today, look out for the post by Marcus Hernandez! You can also find him at Be sure to follow! He will also be posting one of my recent pieces on his blog

Sunday October 3, 2021

The Book Review Directory – shoutout to this blog now that we’ve started following each other :). They regularly send out book reviews if you sign up for their emailing list, and you can also advertise with them!

It Starts at Midnight – I first came across this blog after finding this link. Shannon does a lot of book reviews and giveaways, and if you’re interested you can contact her here

Sunday September 26, 2021

NEW WRITERS SPOTLIGHT – (I thought I would take the opportunity this Sunday to work on handing out some resources for writers just getting started)

Tools and Resources – NaNoWriMo – I first started using NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago after being referred by a friend. You’ve probably heard a bit about it, but I can tell you that it’s much more than just writing a novel within 30 days. The website is dedicated to writers and community, providing resources for planning your novel or even publishing it, allowing you to create groups based on your interest, and tons of promotions to keep you motivated. You can check out their website here

Grammarly – nobody likes being corrected on their grammar (myself included), but if there’s a grammar rule you’re stuck on, or a sentence just doesn’t sound right in your head, a tool like this is certainly helpful (you can also download the app)

Trello – I first learned about Trello from Tim Challies‘s blog. It might require some money if you need more options, but it might just be worth it if you want to get organized

Scrivener – this software was recommended to me by a friend as well. While I’m more of a Microsoft Word type, this kind of writing software is convenient if you don’t want all of that extra clutter

You can find more resources and tools for writing your work at as well

Literary Journals for New Writers – Ariel Chart – this online journal us run by an awesome team that publishes poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction. You can find them here

Brittle Star – they specifically state on their website that they are “The magazine for new writing,” publishing poetry and fiction, though sometimes they only accept submissions by post

Down in the Dirt – you can send them both poetry and prose, but be sure to follow all of their submission guidelines

Potato Soup – this journal takes submissions of poetry, fiction, flash fiction, 10 word stories, and nonfiction

Academy of the Heart and Mind – they take fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. You can find them here

Find more resources here:

Sunday September 19, 2021

Writing Contests You Should Know About – Servicescape Short Story Award – You can find their guidelines here!

PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers (

Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award (

You can find more at

Literary Journal Deadlines – A few choices of the week

Bluepepper – headed up by Justin Lowe, you can find the submissions guidelines here (and the poems I published here)

Tiny Molecules (

Minnow Literary (

Internships and Residencies Spotlight – Future House Publishing has internships and freelance jobs for editing, publishing, marketing, and art (

The Kerouac Project (their upcoming winter residency begins in December!) (

Poetry Blackacre Reserve Writing Residency (rolling submissions) (

Self-Publishing Resources – Ingram Spark – this website has tons of resources from tools to self-publish, book cover design, and courses! (You can even publish with them!) (

Check out this list from Reedsy for self-publishing companies as well.

Fun fact – For paleographers, it’s their job to read handwriting most people will be unable to decipher. They spend their time reading documents from previous centuries, though they usually only focus on one kind of script or time period (

Sunday September 12, 2021

Writing Contest Resources

Monthly and Weekly Contests – 50 Word Stories (due the 15th every month) You can check out the story I published here to get a feel for what they’re looking for!

Visual Image (due the 15th of every month) (

Poetry Nook (every Sunday) (

Literary Journal Opportunities– A few of my choices for the week (open year-round)

Briefly Zine (

Eucalyptus & Rose (

Red Eft Review (

Upcoming Residencies and Conferences – Ozark Creative Writers Conference (October 7-9, 2021) (

805 Writers Conference (November 13-14, 2021) (

Florida Writers Conference (October 14-17, 2021) (

There are opportunities that you can find, both virtual and year-round at Newpages!

Author Spotlight – Andrew J. Graff! His book Raft of Stars was published on March 23rd of this year by HarperCollins. One of my former professors, you can find his website and announcements here.

Fun fact – Agatha Christie had to dictate her own work to others for them to write down. The reason for this was because she suffered from dysgraphia, or a brain condition that inhibits one’s ability to write in a coherent manner (