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My Website and Writing!

Check out my Nanowrimo profile and how I’m doing this year (probably not great but at least it’s something).

You can find my website here, which includes my latest chapbook at Yavanika Press!

You can also find my book on Yavanika’s list of titles below:

I published my first piece of fiction at ten years old. I have been published in The Cedarville ReviewVoices of the Valley Literary Journal, Ariel ChartNailpolish StoriesBluepepper50 Word StoriesWriting in a Woman’s VoiceThe Aurora JournalAnti-Heroin Chic, Sledgehammer Lit, and more.

You can now find my poetry microchap “Isosceles Triangles” at Origami Poems Project, including the Pushcart Prize nominated poem “Scalene.” I am offering it here for FREE.

What do I write?

Genres I enjoy writing (and reading): fantasy, science fiction, YA, mathematical fiction. I also enjoy experimenting with poetry!

I plan on adding word count and other fun stuff to this page soon!

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