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My name is Emma, but I’ve gone by E. M. Foster, E. M. Sherwood Foster, and E. S. Foster. I’ve been writing since I was six years old, and I only wrote more from there. When I was twelve, I started writing short stories regularly for a blog. I graduated with a BA in English, I’m currently working on a Master’s at the University of Cambridge, St. Edmund’s. During that time, I’ve been published in journals including Aurora Journal, Sledgehammer Lit, Sour Cherry Mag, and more. I’ve also published chapbooks with Yavanika Press, Ghost City Press, and Origami Poems. I’ve also written two series with Coffee House Writers, and I post regularly with A Writer’s Path.

I write fantasy and science fiction (and tons of subgenres involving both), young adult, and occasionally write poetry!

Check out my Nanowrimo profile and see how I’m doing this year (probably not great but maybe something).


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You can find my poetry micro-chap “Isosceles Triangles” at Origami Poems Project, including the Pushcart Prize-nominated poem “Scalene.” I am offering it here for FREE.

You can find my book on Yavanika’s list of titles below:

Check out my micro-chap with Ghost City Press below:

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I’ve also been published with A Story in 100 Words, Aberration Labyrinth, Waywords, and Wingless Dreamer!

Prose Poem Workshop – Aurora Journal

Honorable Mention in Historical Fiction – Globe Soup

Honorable Mention – WOW! Women on Writing 2021

Coffee House Writers Series – Please Don’t Be Mad and The North Wind

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Best of 2021 – “In Stitches” – Nailpolish Stories

Pushcart Prize Nomination – Isosceles Triangles Microchapbook (Scalene)

For Plato Is Better at Metaphor than I Am (Yavanika Press 2022)

“A beautifully written collection from a talented writer who knows how to invoke stunning imagery with just the right word. Moving easily between subjects as common as water and as abstract as aliens, E.M. [Sherwood] Foster creates beautiful vignettes of everything from the everyday beauty of the earth, to the vast cosmos of space with the kind of elevated prose that is sure to please any poetry fan.” – K. M. Allen, author of The Blackbirch Series

“Freed of line breaks and filled with depth, Foster’s poems offer a strong voice and plenty of play. This collection reads like a handful of varied gemstones, each stone worth lifting and turning to experience again.” – Andrew Graff, author of Raft of Stars

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