Exciting News!!

Something Big Just Happened! I originally started working on another post this week, but I had unexpected news in my inbox this morning. I recently published a poetry micro-chapbook with Origami Poems Project titled “Isosceles Triangles,” which I planned on offering as a little freebie on here in the near future. One of the poems,Continue reading “Exciting News!!”

Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 4)

“The Play’s the Thing” This series is continuing with me rolling back the curtain (sorry) for another round of journals to submit to for a particular niche. I thought I would take a look at a genre I don’t typically see literary journals do a lot of. I’m talking about short plays. Doing some digging,Continue reading “Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 4)”

Here’s What You Should Know after Placing in a Writing Contest

The Great Accomplishment Slump I mentioned placing in a writing contest in an earlier post, and I thought I would elaborate on that this week. For those looking into writing contests, you’ve probably read how writing contests are a great way to start getting some exposure. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely true, especiallyContinue reading “Here’s What You Should Know after Placing in a Writing Contest”

The Depressed Writer’s Guide to Submittable

Ah, Submittable. A necessary tool for most, a necessary evil for some. But it’s used by PLENTY of lit journals and magazines, publishers and presses. Opportunities range from fellowships and residencies to writing contests to art and design submissions. Needless to say, it’s becoming the central hub not only for platforms to advertise their calls,Continue reading “The Depressed Writer’s Guide to Submittable”

Some Upcoming News

Change is Coming!!! So I didn’t post anything last week as I usually do, and the main reason is because I realized something. I realized that I had started this blog with an idea in mind, and I don’t think I’ve been living up to it as much as I should. This blog has hadContinue reading “Some Upcoming News”

Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 3)

The (Second) Smallest Form of Storytelling Out There In the spirit of this new series, I thought I would continue looking at specific writing that certain literary journals are looking for and that you’ve probably seen every now and then. The best part about it anyway is that it takes about a minute and aContinue reading “Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 3)”

“The Drow Among the Fey” by Marcus Hernandez

Hello everyone! Welcome this guest post by Marcus Hernandez. You can find his bio and blog information at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! In Edaria, few believe the Feywild truly exists. Even among the scholarly mages of Swindon, only a handful have ever crossed into that whimsical, dangerous realm, and fewer still return toContinue reading ““The Drow Among the Fey” by Marcus Hernandez”

Coming Soon (and Already Here)

Lit Journals, Upcoming Guest Post, and More Hello! I have some great news that I had to share with you. Lots of great news, actually. First off, if you follow any blogs on WordPress, you might have seen the flash fiction and poetry pieces posted with The Drabble every day. And I recently wrote aContinue reading “Coming Soon (and Already Here)”

Here’s Why These Factors Make Good Fiction Writing

While in college, I took a creative writing minor that required me to workshop my work a lot. I’m grateful the experience, even if it was nerve-wracking at first to showcase my work. But throughout all of my classes, we would often talk about what makes writing good. If you’ve been writing for a longContinue reading “Here’s Why These Factors Make Good Fiction Writing”

Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 2)

Lightning Fast Responses Submitting to literary journals is both a short process and a long one. If you do it enough, it feels as if it takes you .2 seconds to log into your Submittable account, email, etc. and send out another piece you’ve written to another journal. Then you wait six months. Sometimes longer.Continue reading “Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 2)”