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The end of September has arrived! Unlike previous months, I ended up taking a break between posts and all of my writing projects in general, spending some time with my dad at different national parks for a week. It’s always nice to take a break from writing when you really need it, especially when your mindset isn’t the greatest. Returning ended up bringing a whole new set of challenges.

I’ve since continued working on all my doctoral applications, as well as my graduate dissertation! But that kind of means putting a lot of my personal writing projects on hold. Two very large mountains to climb in the coming months. So with that being said, I want to introduce a post dedicated to the E. S. Foster September articles! Check out all the posts from this past month below!

Special thanks to K. M. Allan as well! Her roundup posts served as inspiration for today’s post.

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Have you been looking for writing conferences but don’t have the funds for them? The Story Canvas provides a list of places and people that offer courses and conferences for free. This site also discusses how to network well at a conference and how to make the most out of the conferences you go to. While you should attend each one with a plan in mind to help advance your career, most importantly, you should have fun.

Publishing with literary journals is a daunting task, especially when you first begin. If you enjoy writing in one specific genre, should you only submit to literary journals that publish the same genre? Should you branch out? This article focuses on the pros and cons of submitting to a range of literary journals. You should always be open to trying new things. However, how can you boost your platform this way? And how do you improve specific skills?

This special post comes to you from Yellowstone National Park (and a few other awesome places). Yes, this article was mainly pictures from my trip sorry not sorry. On top of that, I announced some upcoming projects for this blog. This is one of them! Additionally, I still plan on posting more pictures from the trip elsewhere later on. Who knows? Maybe it will act as writing inspiration.

In addition to The Story Canvas post this month, I also created a post with a variety of posts by Bryn Donovan. Bryn has been blogging about writing and other topics for a long time, meaning there’s a lot to read to help you on your writing journey. The link above examines plotting your novel, exposition and “infodumping,” as well as crafting original work. For me, her article about writing and originality has been astoundingly helpful.

Just finished writing your speculative fiction novel? You might be ready to start looking for an agent, or (even better) a speculative small press that doesn’t require an agent. Luckily, there are plenty of these small presses out there. Check out the publishers and their submission guidelines in the link above. Many of these journals are connected to journals you can submit to as well.

That’s it for this month! Even though I’m taking a break from some writing projects, I’ll be getting back to writing a lot for this blog. Keep a look out for those and more A Writer’s Path guest posts. Happy writing!

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