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August Update!

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Hello everyone! I have some awesome announcements for this August update. This will be a quick post, but for starters, there will be a couple of weeks where I’ll be unable to post at all. I WILL, however, come back with tons of pictures from a trip I’m taking to Yellowstone and the surrounding parks in the next couple of weeks! So while I’m gone on that trip, hopefully seeing a bunch of bison and moose, things will be quiet for a little bit.

August was CRAZY for writing, mainly because I completed a couple of new projects. You might have noticed that I added something new to the menu on the blog. That’s because I started regularly contributing to Ryan Lanz’s A Writer’s Path! The goal is to write for this site about once a month, so go subscribe to A Writer’s Path and check out all the awesome posts on there!

You can find my latest post here. I’m about to add the link to the new page on this blog as well.

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Additionally, I’ve started writing on my Hubpages more recently. I put the link to my Hubpages at the bottom of each post, but I thought I would describe it a bit more. On my Hubpages I talk about other topics I’m interested in but don’t really have space for on this blog. Topics such as philosophy, myth, different types of literature, and mathematics, and more. You can check my articles out here. There might be a chance that you find them on their featured sites as well.

In the meantime, for this August update I’ve been working on a few more short stories and other projects along those lines. Hopefully a couple of bigger projects will be paying off later this year! Do you have any big projects in mind? Let me know in the comments below what it’s about if you would like to reach out! Happy writing!

I’m currently UPDATING my portfolio. In the meantime, check out:


The Facebook Page

My 2022 chapbook

My 2023 micro-chapbook

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