Reblog and Writing Update!

Hello everyone! As this Wednesday happens to fall on the last day of the month, here’s the latest writing update I have on the growing list of projects! Also, here’s another reblog by K. M. Allan.

Writing Update: I’ve had a ton of writing projects going on (see my latest post about mental health), and in a few weeks I’ll have an amazing announcement to share with you all regarding one of them! So stick around for that! In the meantime, I have about four (4) short stories swimming around in my head that I plan on working on in the coming months, so I’ll be busy. Not to mention the schoolwork I have going on.

I also finished editing/rewriting (let’s be honest, mostly rewriting) the third chapter in the book I’ve been working on! Another milestone completed, and on to chapter four I go.

Now on to the reblog!

Reblog: Looking for ways to hook your readers through your compelling characters? K. M. Allan offers a great post on how to hook readers through character development and sudden change. Not only does this help advance the plot with a good, strong inciting incident, but it also adds complexity to your characters with some excellent examples.

Happy writing!

3 Ways To Mess Up Your Character’s World And Hook Your Readers

Credit: K. M. Allan. Find out more here.

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