Best Sci-fi and Fantasy Websites to Check Out

If you’re new to sci-fi or fantasy (or even new to this blog!), there are plenty of outlets to get to know the genres a bit better. If you want to write in these genres, some of these offer great info about what it means to be a science fiction or fantasy writer as well. Here are a bunch of science fiction and fantasy blog and website recommendations. I hope to guest post for some of these in the future!

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Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

This blog has TV and film reviews in the science fiction genre and different book reviews, including works by women. They also separate novels and short stories by topic such as immortality. So if you’re interested in all different kinds of sci-fi, check out this blog. You can find the blog here.

Science Meets Fiction

This blog was created by Alex R. Howe, part time science fiction writer and astrophysicist. This blog has a bunch of info about science fiction, science, and more. Howe has also posted some of his short stories on there as well. You can find this blog here.

Classics of Science Fiction

This is another fellow WordPress blog that I follow! It’s dedicated to science fiction that’s been written in its earlier days, specifically short fiction in magazines and more. They also write essays/look for guest posts about science fiction and science itself. You can find their website and follow them here.

Besides publishing fiction books like some others on this list, they also have science fiction and fantasy news on the latest entertainment and tons of book clubs/podcasts and audio on Sir Terry Pratchett, Brandon Sanderson, and more. They also post updates on books in sci-fi and fantasy that were recently published by indie publishers. You can find their website here. Interested and sending in your own book? Find their guidelines here.


If you have a few science fiction or fantasy publications, under your belt, you need to know about this association. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association has a lot of great information for writers that you can access even if you’re not a member. (You can apply for membership here, though). One of the biggest things SFWA does is keep you updated on major sci-fi and fantasy awards such as Hugo or Nebula. You can find the website here.

The SF Gateway

They publish sci-fi, fantasy, crime, and horror series and books under Hachette UK. They also have a link to The Gollancz Emporium, which also publishes books. You can sign up for their newsletter to get news about new books and classics here. You can find both of their websites here.

Locus Online

You might have heard of Locus Magazine, the science fiction and fantasy lit journal. (You can find more about that magazine here, and also check out more magazines in one of my posts here). Locus Online is kind of like this magazine plus a bunch of sci-fi, fantasy, horror news and more. They have author interviews, book reviews, award applications, and tons more. You can find their website here.

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