Some Awesome New Years Updates!

Hello everyone! A short post for this week to kick off the New Year coming up. As we head into 2023, I’d like to detail some amazing news and some goals I’d like to accomplish. You may not know this, but this is now year TWO of this blog! Check out below for all the news!

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A few months ago I started writing for a publication called Coffee House Writers (which you might have seen below). I’ve since progressed to serializing what might potentially become a novel, and I thought for this post I might as well post a link to the first one, and then publish the others later. So here’s the first part of The North Wind!

The North Wind – Part 1

I mentioned before that I hoped to start posting updates on any of my projects, possibly monthly. This would include word count and synopses on short stories, novels and WIPs, or even just some ideas I thought of. Who knows, maybe I can start holding myself accountable for how often I work on a project. 🙂

I was also introduced to Vocal awhile back by a couple other writers, and I hope to publish my first article on there soon! I’ll be promoting my chapbook Plato Is Better at Metaphor than I Am, which I published back in October with Yavanika Press!

If you haven’t heard me mention it before, check out this post here.

Also, check out my Medium and Hubpages, which have some familiar articles on there as well. Hopefully this year I can keep my goal of being consistent with these publications too. *rolls eyes*

Interviews? Yes interviews! Another goal I have for this year is talking to writers and other blogs about their writing process, what they write about, and a bunch of other cool stuff. My goal is to have the interviews posted on here as a Q&A to spread more awareness about these authors who also have blogs (like me!).

Anything else? Not sure yet. Who knows what other ideas might pop up. So in the meantime: happy 2023 everyone!

Want to know more? My website is now COMPLETE, and you can find it here! You can find me in Ariel Chart, The Cedarville Review, Nailpolish Stories, Bluepepper, 50 Word Stories, The Aurora Journal, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, The Drabble, Anti-heroin Chic, Art of Autism, Your Daily Poem, Sanctuary Magazine, Six Sentences, Paragraph Planet, A Story in 100 Words, Five Fleas, and Sledgehammer Lit. You can now also find my FREE microchap at Origami Poems Project, which I am also offering here.

And here’s Foster Your Writing official page on Facebook!

I am also a writer for Coffee House Writers! You can find my work under “Emma Foster” on their website.

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