Reblog: The Secret Sauce to Being a Good Writer – Michael Mohr

Hello everyone! I’m back from Cambridge, so be on the lookout for more information and fun stuff based on fiction, worldbuilding, and more, including guest lecturers and authors! In the meantime, jetlag and decorating for Christmas have hijacking my schedule, so I thought I would share another awesome article from the Jane Friedman blog I read recently.

This article delves in habits and mindsets GREAT writers cultivate as they grow in their profession. It’s super insightful for when you feel like you’re just not quite ready to call yourself a writer too. Enjoy!

The Secret Sauce to Being a Good Writer – Michael Mohr

Credit: Jane Friedman blog. Find out more here.

Also, while we’ve mentioned Christmas, here’s a tree I snapped between classes. 🙂

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