Hurricane Update!

Hello everyone! There was no post last week, as Hurricane Ian kind of derailed everything. But as I was huddled up with the oil lamps and candles lit like an old witch hunkering down in her cabin in the middle of the woods I thought this would be a good time to announce some major things that are happening! Nothing like starting the week off right.

First off, I would like to announce that I’m in the process of creating an author WEBSITE that I will connect to the blog. This will be where all my publications and projects will be kept in one place!

Also, I recently announced on the home page that I started an official page for this blog. I have also created a Facebook profile, and I’ll leave the link in this post for anyone to follow! Just look up E M Sherwood Foster. Posts on here will continue being posted on the page as well.

Here’s the profile!

And here’s the official page!

Stick around to check out more posts later this week!

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