Updates Coming This Week!

New Updates and Changes

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This week and possibly next week I will be working on some major updates. That’s right. This blog will (hopefully) look a little bit different, with some more options for exploring the blog, better ways to connect with you all, and ways for you to get to know more about what I write. I will also be starting a newsletter that I hope to send out every month or even couple of weeks to those who subscribe!

So keep a look out for these changes in the coming weeks. I will also be setting up new and improved ways to subscribe so that you can be kept in the loop for when more posts come out!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Check out my latest publication at Six Sentences! My latest piece of micro-fiction can be found here.

Six Sentences publishes micro-fiction that is six sentences long exactly. If you’re interested in submitting, check out their submission guidelines as well as their formatting guidelines here and here. Happy writing!

In the meantime, I’ll hopefully get to reblog some more posts from some of the authors and writers that I follow, so be on the lookout for those too.

Want to know more? My portfolio is now COMPLETE, and you can find it here! You’ll also find some helpful links to my work in journals in the Original Writing page. You can find me in Ariel Chart, The Cedarville Review, Nailpolish Stories, Bluepepper, 50 Word Stories, The Aurora Journal, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, The Drabble, Anti-heroin Chic, Art of Autism, Your Daily Poem, Sanctuary Magazine, Six Sentences, and Sledgehammer Lit. You can now also find my FREE microchap at Origami Poems Project, which I am also offering here.


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