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You Should Know About This: Writing Blogs (YA Edition)

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Young Adult (YA) literature has definitely become a booming industry. And with all the YA books coming out, I’ve seen a lot of blogs dedicated to reviewing these books, navigating the genre and its tropes, or writing YA in general. And in the spirit of this series where I take a look at writing blogs, here are a few writing blogs that discuss everything YA.

Also keep an eye out for which ones are looking for guest posts or book reviews!

The YA Shelf

This blog’s home page states up front, “We are a community of YA authors, readers and bibliophiles. We read and review good books for teens, searching for the best young adult reads!” A majority of their content involves resources for marketing and networking within the YA world, or just generally finding a community there, like this page. They also check out and review FREE YA books for you to read here.

The YA Shelf is also looking for guest posts that include book reviews and author interviews. You can find their review policy here for if you want your own work to be reviewed, and their guest post guidelines here if you would like to write an article for the blog.

Forever Young Adult

This blog is made up of all kinds of reviews of YA, including TV and movies. On their About page, they say, “Forever Young Adult is a community for YA fans who are a little less ‘Y’ and a bit more A.'” They also have book clubs worldwide where you can become part of a large YA community.  

Like to start a book club or are looking to write a review? Here is their contact page.

YA Bibliophile

This blog has a GIANT list of books that have been reviewed in the past, and of course Heidi has a review policy in case you would like you own book to be reviewed. You can also check out all of the books she has reviewed as well as authors she’s had the privilege to meet in the past!

YA Books Central

This website and blog is all about book reviews, and they’re not just YA! They also look at Middle Grade and younger. When you go to their blog, you can sign up for their newsletter, and you can also see their most recent reviews.

They also have options for adding a book to their inventory or adding your own review. You can find more information here.

I’m All Booked Up

This YA blog offers book reviews, and if you’re looking to have someone review your own work, you can find their review policy here. But that’s just the beginning with this blog. A majority of their posts involve “List Posts,” or posts that offer a list of book depending on genre, the time of year, and more.

They also have a book club that partners with Bards Alley bookstore. Each month, they announce a “book of the month,” and you can sign up here if you’re interested in finding new reads.

Nerd Girl Loves Books

Like I’m All Booked Up, this blog is all about book reviews, book recommendations, and just everything books! A lot of the books that have been reviewed on here are YA sci-fi and fantasy, but they cover other genres as well. You can get to know Jane and what she does with Nerd Girl Loves Books here. She also has plenty of book recommendations as well.

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