Guest Post Coming Up This Week!

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This week is going to be a little different. Instead of a regular post, my latest post will be found on Ryan Lanz’s A Writer’s Path website! The post, which will be titled 3 Tips for Writing When Overcome by Writer’s Block, is set to be published this Saturday (the 14th).

This post was originally posted as What Do We Write When We Don’t Know What to Write? on this blog, and I’m really excited to get this out to more readers. Special thanks to Ryan Lanz for publishing this guest post!

I also wanted to include Ryan Lanz’s guest post submission page, in case anyone else is interested in writing a post for A Writer’s Path. He gives detailed criteria and what he is looking for on that page.

Feel free to check back here on Saturday! Thanks again to A Writer’s Path!

Want to know more? My portfolio is now COMPLETE, and you can find it here! You’ll also find some helpful links to my work in journals in the Original Writing page. You can find me in Ariel Chart, The Cedarville Review, Nailpolish Stories, Bluepepper, 50 Word Stories, The Aurora Journal, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, The Drabble, Anti-heroin Chic, Art of Autism, Your Daily Poem, Sanctuary Magazine, and Sledgehammer Lit. You can now also find my FREE microchap at Origami Poems Project, which I am also offering here.


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