You Should Know about This: Small Presses (Part 1)

Small Presses have created a lasting impression in the literary and publishing markets. And while these publishers may be considered lesser known compared to the Big Five, they’ve definitely cemented their place in the Literary World.

Small press books are nothing new in the literary canon. There are plenty of writers well known today who have published with small presses. So when going over your options for publishing your book, look at the opportunities these small presses have to offer throughout the year.

Black Lawrence Press

This press has an extensive submission calendar throughout the year for novels, chapbooks, nonfiction, poetry, and short stories. Right now until March 31st, they have an open competition for poetry and collections of short stories called The Hudson Prize. Other major competitions include The St. Lawrence Book Award and The Big Moose Prize. You can find info on what they’re looking for here

Tupelo Press

Two major awards this press offers are the Snowbound Chapbook Award and the Berkshire Prize. Now, throughout the year, they accept nonfiction. This press also accepts translations, and you can participate in The Million Line Poem. You can find their information here on Submittable

BOA Editions

This press also has two prizes that are relatively well known: A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize and the BOA Short Fiction Prize. Currently, the short fiction prize submission period is April through May, with book publication in 2024. You can find information here

Graywolf Press

Graywolf has two offered prizes at different times of the year, the nonfiction prize and the African fiction prize. They also look for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry at different intervals. You can find their submission guidelines here

Aubade Publishing

This small press accepts submissions in a wide range of genres, including Gothic fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi. Send them a couple of paragraphs to see if they are interested. You can find their contact info here

Bonus: Dzanc Books

This small press is best known for literary fiction. Right now, they have so many queries they’ve decided to close to general submissions. You can still check out their resources, programs, and books here

Bellavue Literary Press

This small press isn’t accepting unsolicited submissions at the moment. You can still get updates here

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