Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 6)

For the Long Short Story

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The novella seems to hang in a kind of limbo between the novel and the short story, so much so that many stick to calling it “the long short story.” But the novella definitely has its place in literature, and rest assured that there are places out there that want to read them.

So if your planned novel didn’t meet the word count requirement, or your short story ended up longer than you anticipated, here are a few journals and presses that accept novellas.

Sunspot Lit

Including prizes for graphic and visual art, and short stories, flash, and poetry, Sunspot lit has submission periods for “long-form fiction,” “very long-form” (or supernova, as they call it), novelettes, and novellas. Word count for each submission and submission dates can be found here

The Write Launch

They accept works in the “long short story” category, or up to 15,000 words. You can also send them poetry and flash fiction. The Write Launch also has a submission fee of five dollars. You can find their guidelines here

A Public Space

Their Submittable page says they accept fiction with novellas and novel excerpts welcome, though they don’t give a specific word count. Their submission period also lasts from January 1st to the 31st. Find their guidelines here


failbetter publishes short fiction, novellas, as well as visual art. You can find their guidelines here

Scarlet Leaf Review

This journal/publishing house publishes a wide variety of works. Their guidelines include submission information for fiction, political essays, satire, interviews, book reviews, series, novellas, and more. You can find their guidelines here

Bonus: The Seattle Review

While there are presently no open calls with this journal, they publish poetry longer than ten pages and fiction longer than 40 double spaced pages. You can find their submission page here


This science fiction and fantasy publisher is currently not open to unsolicited submissions, but you can find their guidelines here

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