Submit To These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 5)

What Do I Do if I Enjoy Combining Genres?

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I recently received a newsletter email from John Fox, creator of Bookfox. The message was brief, but it struck me as significant. He talked about taking risks with your writing when putting yourself out there, and how, a lot of the time, the things we think won’t fit into a specific category aren’t worth trying to publish.

He argued against this, saying the stuff we put out into the world that we think is too “weird” is necessary in the literary world. It not only demonstrates your willingness to go in new directions and push the limits of creativity, but it also demonstrates your passion with what you want to talk about.

And luckily, there are some literary journals out there that want just that. Here are some journals dedicated or at least accepting of “hybrids,” or work that doesn’t fit into one specific category.


pioneertown lit publishes fiction and nonfiction, but their big thing is hybrid works. In their submission guidelines, they say “Genre is less important than work that speaks for itself, and if you don’t want to label it, neither will we. We like experimentation, we like innovation, but most of all we like quality work that excites and ignites.”

Note: they do have a reading fee


This journal is dedicated to the unclassifiable. They look for text, new media, and other types of work. They aim to respond within six weeks. On their submission guidelines, they say, “WE WANT art and writing that demonstrates / interaction; the processes / of things, both inner and outer; how certain functions are accomplished; how things become.”


When Otoliths lists the types of work they’re looking for, they also ask that you find new combinations and surprise them. They also looking for moving pieces, textual poetry, and creative visual art. You can find their guidelines here

Note: Their submission period ends on January 20th

Harpy Hybrid Review

This journal has reading periods, but their next period starts January 15th. In their guidelines, they list all kinds of genres that they want hybrids of, whether it be fiction, poetry, translation, videos, comics, and more. They even include information on what a hybrid work is in case you’re unsure of what they might be looking for.

The Gravity of the Thing

They look for flash and poetry, but they urge you to be creative and “genre-bend” when it comes to what to send. They also look for six-word stories. You can find their guidelines here

Bonus: A-Minor

A-Minor Magazine is currently looking for poetry only, but I wanted to include this on the list because they also look for prose and found poetry. You can find their guidelines here


Their guidelines haven’t been updated in a little while, but aside from their themed issues and year-round call for visual art, they look for hybrid writing , whatever that may entail. You can find their guidelines here

A few helpful links if you want to find more of these journals:

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