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Hello! I have some great news that I had to share with you. Lots of great news, actually. First off, if you follow any blogs on WordPress, you might have seen the flash fiction and poetry pieces posted with The Drabble every day. And I recently wrote a piece called “O75” that was published there! I thought I would also include it on this blog as well.


Mabel eyed her grandmother’s neon orange sheet. She needed what the Palm Shore Country Club ladies referred to as “the grandfather.” Mabel noted the aquamarine splotches, illuminating her numbers: B3, I22, N36, G57.

“How’s it going?”

Mabel shook her head, silently vowing to herself to never visit her grandmother on Sundays again. It was her mother who egged her on for tonight, who insisted she socialize with Grandma and her “friends.”

A ball rattled up the tube, into the caller’s hands.



Mabel watched the corner of the billboard ignite. Next week, she’d schedule for Tuesday.

You can also find the story using this link –

I have also published a poem in Issue 23 of the literary journal Anti-heroin Chic, which went live just the other day (you can find that poem here).

I’m super grateful for these journals, but I’m also grateful for the support from you all with this blog. At first, it was difficult putting my ideas out there for people to like or dislike. I hope to keep growing with this project, though, and I think these next couple announcements will demonstrate that.

Being a WordPress blog, I get helpful tips and tricks from WordPress all the time, and it just so happened to suggest turning blog posts into a podcast with Anchor. This gave me an idea to do the same with my posts (especially since it’s free and I’m broke, so that’s always a plus).

With this new resource, you’ll hopefully be able to listen to my posts as well as read them soon!

Speaking of posts…

This weekend, I hope to publish my first guest post! A friend of a friend named Marcus also has a WordPress blog that he posts his writing on. (You can find it here). We’re planning on publishing each other’s posts, with one that I wrote set to go up sometime in December. This is an opportunity that I’m incredibly excited about (it’s also an angst-filled attempt at networking, but I digress).

I look forward to posting all of this soon. Be sure to keep a look out!

Want to know more? Click the LEARN MORE button at home. You’ll find some helpful links to my work in journals, which I have started posting here too. You can find me in Ariel Chart, The Cedarville Review, Nailpolish Stories, Bluepepper, 50 Word Stories, The Aurora Journal, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, The Drabble, and Anti-heroin Chic. Look for me in Sledgehammer Lit later this year.

Need help proofreading a story? You can find me on Fiverr!

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