Submit to These Literary Journals if You Enjoy This Niche (Part 1)

Modern Fairytales

I thought I would try something new today, while sitting on my couch having an existential crisis. I spend an inordinate amount of time making lists of literary journals, their deadlines, and the genres and forms they accept (it’s a lot). I figured people out there could use some lists like that, especially since there are so many journals out there that have carved out their own niches.

Once while researching, I came across some journals dedicated to fairy tales and all the creative ways they can be reinvented, retold, and reformed for the modern age. With fairy tale retellings in the hype for publishing right now, it seems only fair to discuss it a little bit.

Here are some literary journals and magazines with a fairy tale niche, for all you dreamers out there.

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Enchanted Conversation – this journal accepts essays, poetry, and what they call “New Fairytales” (or new ways of looking at fairy tales, though you should be mindful of the theme). They have reading periods throughout the year, which can be found in their guidelines. They also include the other information you’ll need to know.

Enchanted Living (Faerie Magazine formerly) – they also have reading periods. With this journal, you can also send in art, photography, and other mediums, not just short fiction and poetry! Find out how to submit here.

Gingerbread House – they publish flash fiction and poetry. In their guidelines, this journal gives you some ideas as to what they’re looking for (including authors that they are most inspired by!). You can find there info here.

Gramarye – this journal (based out of the University of Chichester), accepts articles, poetry, short fiction, and book reviews. Their next deadline is the 21st, but I thought it worth mentioning.

Grimoire – they accept poetry, short stories, essays, creative nonfiction, art, and interviews. This journal also has a feature section dedicated to the spooky, such as spells and dreams. All of the information you’ll need can be found here.

Bonus – Bracken Magazine – they are currently closed for submissions, but that gives you time to look over their past issues and get a feel for what they want. They’re looking for poetry and art, but it also depends on the issue. They also pay!

Fairy Tale Review – while this journal is currently closed for submissions, it was too good not to include in this post. You can read all about them here.

Moonchild Magazine – this journal is also currently closed, but this journal, dedicated to the moon, also delivers on the dreamy qualities. You can read more here.

Want more? You can find more journals at The Book Stewards ( and The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic (

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